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tv   11 News Saturday Morning  NBC  July 25, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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diabetes and cancer, and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope -- that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research for patients, their families, and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future. it's life.
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>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm sarah caldwell. how is it looking out there? >> people are waking up with patchy fog, but overall a beautiful saturday ahead. if you like the heat and humidity and you've been looking for that typical july kind of weather, today is your day. we are dealing with soggy weather out to the west. this is out toward indiana and ohio. we're showing you this because
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that is going to become our problem tomorrow. all that rain you are seeing in the west will be cunling to our back -- coming to our back yard today. 69 in downtown baltimore. 72 in annapolis. 72 in ocean city. it is a nice start to a beach day out there. we will start with mostly sunny conditions once the sun comes up. a few pop-up clouds will start to move in. whenever we have too much heat and humidity we have to talk about the possibility of pop-up thunderstorms. i don't think that will affect us today. it will feel july like today. we have to talk about rain on sunday, and another stormy pattern is on the way. details coming up in just a bit. >> we are learning more about what may have led to a helicopter crash that killed four people on interstate 70 thursday night. >> the group was returning from
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a charity event to raise money for troubled youth when the chopper went down. it seems the crash could be the result of pilot error. >> there were four souls on board so it is the pilot's obligation to be cautious. >> this is an expert in aviation issues. he said what happened at the scene of this firey crash thursday night may be traced to impatience. the pilot waited two hours and then took off before the storm had fully moved off. always you have to be as cautious as possible. here we have a vehicle with four passengers. it was at its maximum weight. >> but it wasn't just weather. the pilot was following the interstate below for guidance, but at only 70 feet above the ground. >> unfortunately there is a rise of about 1,000 feet in
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topography from where he took off to where he hit the ground. he got too low and crashed into these high intensity power lines. these helicopters are not very surviveable, so unfortunately it was a cat strosk -- catestrophic event. >> he had 630 hours of commercial flight experience. he was also a flight instructor for advanced helicopter concepts. >> and it appears there were no mechanical problems. >> it is the most advanced helicopter made. i believe the robinson fleet sells more than all other manufacturers combined. >> john german, wbal -- john sherman. >> family members of those killed were understandably too distraught to talk on camera,
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but they did speak to the i-team about their loved ones. david collins. >> 39-year-old george tutor began working for advanced helicopter concepts two weeks ago. according to his mother, george wanted to fly since he was 7 years old. she said he had a pilot's license and just last week finish aid pilot's training program in california. after high school he did a stint in the navy. his mother described him as a risk taker who loved hang gliding but liked flying better. his family says he was survived by a 14-year-old daughter. jeffrey nordaas not only had his pilot's license, but was certified to train pilots. his older brothers say he was a fantastic individual. his brother released a statement
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saying, in part, he made people around him feel better. we will truly miss him. >> niall booth was the c.e.o. consulting -- booth was a native northeast england. he coached a youth rugby team and was a master swimmer who competed in the 2006 world championships. in booth was the director of flights for hope, a charity formed by the advanced helicopter youth foundation. authorities identified the fourth passenger as 48-year-old kim felix of new market. she was the test manager for -- sthe had been active with girl scouts, cheerleading, and the p.t.a. funeral arrangements are incomplete. wbal tv 11 news. >> we have continuing coverage of the helicopter crash on our web site, wbal
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there you will find video from the scene as well as video of statements. >> council member moxley was taken into custody friday morning. he was involved in a four-car accident that injured one person. authorities say moxley failed a field sobriety test and failed to take a breathalyzer. >> a former an rinled county police officer is in jail this morning. dane hall was sentenced for a deadly accident involving alcohol. police also believe he left the crash scene. here's i-team reporter barry simms. >> this has been a devastating horrible thing for the family. >> it was in january of 2008 when 28-year-old anto martinez died in a wreck. he and two passengers were on their way to a construction job in delaware. in april, 29-year-old former
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anne arundel county police officer dane hall pleaded guilty to negligent homicide and failure to stop at the scene of an accident involving death. prosecutors wanted a seven-year sentence. they ask, what is the value of a life? >> i think there are responsibilities that come along with a police officer, and when there is someone killed in the k, it is worth more than 18 months. >> the question is not, what is the value of the life of a soul that's been killed. as much as it is, how do you punish somebody that has killed someone whose life is invaluable? >> he paul ri signed from his job in april, he was off duty, and had just left a party at an officer's home. hall's blood alcohol level was
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slightly higher than the legal limit. in court, hall aapologized to the victim's family telling them and the judge "i don't know what happened. i dozed off before impact and it was a huge mistake not to investigate further." the judge seemed to take into account hall's police work. >> he is immensely grateful that the judge did not include a period of incarceration in the division of correction. as a former police officer, that would have been the third tragedy in the case. >> actually, a police officer going to the department of corrections, bad thrings can happen to him there. >> i'm sure that weighed on the judge's mind. >> thorts are expected back in kent county today to continue searching for an 11-year-old girl who fell in a river. officials say the girl fell off a boat on the sassafrass river at ordinary point. authorities say when the girl fell she somehow ended up being
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hit by the same boat. rescuers searched the waters. coast guard is working with local agencies in the search. >> the search for a baltimore area teen who never resurfaced has now turned into a recovery mission. >> a large group of volunteers lined the shore looking for 13-year-old lonnie hill. he was in town with teammates at the cal ripken experience are group in myrtle beach. >> in project economy baltimore's hilton hotel will not generate a -- it report aid loss this year for 2008. the city hotel, which is managed by the hilton, opened last august. it features delux guest rooms and a first-class view of
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events. >> as the number of baby boomers is surging, many are ending up in nursing homes. you can e-mail your elder law questions for our attorney who will be here to discuss strategies families should take to avoid losing their life savings to a nursing home. if you have a question, send it to "sunday questions" at >> and the time is 6:11. 64 degrees on tv-hill. >> up ahead, some parents hoping the courts would keep towson high school from closing. first, what the courts had to say. >> it looks like the fog is lifting slightly. we'll ta talk to jim nipa
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>> thanks for checking in on this saturday morning. some people waking up to watch any fog. that will start to burn off in the next few hours. a look outside. 65 at b.w.i. humidity is only at 83% right now. it is wobbling back and forthright now just a little -- back and forth right now just a little bit. storm system coming this way.
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winds are calm. high humidity is leading to some of that fog that we're seeing across the region. in the radar you see strong thunderstorms pushing their way through indiana and ohio. tomorrow this will become our problem. looking for the potential of heavy rain in some locations and scattered thunderstorms throughout our sunday. if you have anything to do outside today, the yard work or the lawn, you want to try to get it done informed because you will not have the opportunity to get it done tomorrow. get a quick look at the satellite picture. it is mainly clear up and down the east coast. we could see a few clouds try to move in later on this afternoon. 65 at b.w.i., but 70 in annapolis. 72 in ocean city. a gorgeous start to a beach day. a bermuda high starting to bring in heat and humidity, which will
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aid in thunderstorms for tomorrow. so we will enjoy the -- thunderstorms tomorrow as the cold front pushes its way through. unfortunately this is a cold front so it looks like most of the day tomorrow we will be dealing with the rain, and even into material monday we will deal with the rain again. that line right there, 9:00, later this evening, is that front. doesn't move a lot. 6 p.m. monday evening it is still here. so that slow-moving front will become problemmatic for us here. in the meantime, we run the risk of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm in the late evening hours. 86 to 93 for today. increasing clouds as that front inches its way forward. on the bay, the winds out of the south 10 to 15 noths away.
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there is a small craft advisory in effect. down athe beach, it is a gorge justice day. -- gorgeous day. the rip current the beach is high. take extra precautions. only swim where there are lifeguards. u.v. index is an eight on a scale of 1 to 12. all across the straight -- state, we're dealing with upper 80's and lower 90's. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. our best chance of rain will be on sunday. we continue the trend most of the week. these days aren't wash-outs, but each day we're dealing with an isolated chabs chance for scattered thunderstorms. >> it is a last-ditch effort to keep catholic tow son from closing. lowell melser has more. >> i'm ready to cry.
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i cannot believe this. i cannot believe they would shut down our high school. >> for those that would talk to 11 news, anger and frustration at toeson high school after finding out -- towson high school after finding out a judge denied a motion to keep the school open one more year. the injunction was the first step in a move to keep the school open. >> it has been a great scompool. it doesn't get the attention that a lot of other schools in the community get. >> attorney richard grayson who represented the two parties met with the school and the archdiocese in a meeting that lasted 45 minutes. the judge denied the restraining oord as a matter of law. he said he understood the clasme, but the law was not on the plaintiff's side. >> it was as a matter of law whether this relief was -- relief we were seeking could be
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provided to us. >> the group of about 30 supporters was left stunned in front of baltimore's circuit court, but lawyers say there may still be more options, even though they are running out. >> we're going to pursue our legal options over the next few days and then pursue our legal options. >> lowell melser, wbal tv 11 news. >> 11 news was unable to get a comment from the archdiocese, but it has said a number of times that keeping the school open was not an option. >> one automaker taking a plan to a whole new option. what chrysler is doing that could save potential new car buyers thousands. >> a boost in minimum wage. why isn't everyone excited? how this is impacting small
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>> under the government's "cash for clunkers" plan, new car buyers can take advantage of the incentive. they must get 18 mileds per gallon or less. meanwhile, chrysler said it will match the government for most of its twine models. for more, go to our web site and click on "project economy." >> minimum wage will not only arving workers, it may arving the cost of many things you buy. >> lisa richards and her family own this ice cream andburger shop -- and burger shop in annapolis. sthe expects an impact. >> we will have a 14 or 15 or 16-year-old girl walking in the door and that's what their
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expectations are. >> and higher wages expect more. >> when your payroll goes up, then unemployment goes up, then insurance goes up. everything. >> for the owner of this pizza restaurant in lake charles, louisiana lieu, the worry is over raising prices in a recession. >> we have to raise our menu pricies, which you know, the public is resistant to that. and unfortunately, we have to do that. >> the state university of business, mitchell adrian. >> you have to come to a conclusion of reducing the number of hours they work or raising prices to cover costs. >> the employees are what makes the business. >> employees say it is about time. >> this sfri friday is a good day for me. >> more money in the pockets of
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workers. >> still ahead, the latest investigation into the death of music icon michael jackson. first, a look at ents going on around town -- events going on around town.
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>> michael jackson's personal doctor is part of a criminal investigation into the singer's
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death. >> also word that jackson's mother needs money to take care of his children. more on the concert and the investigation. >> the office and storage unit of michael jackson's personal possessions were searched yesterday in houston. first confirmation the doctor is a crime suspect. investigators were looking for evidence of the offense of manslaughter that tends to show that dr. conrad murray committed the said offense. during the search police confiscated cards, a -- and vials of two drugs. phentermine can be obtained from the internet, but the other drug is available only by prescription. >> they are looking for any piece of evidence that will help
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them put a case together against them. >> through their attorney, the doctor has denied wrongdoing. murray, a cardiologist was hired by jackson at a monthly fee of $150. murray was at jackson's los angeles home and found the singer not breathing. he administered c.p.r.. jackson was pronounced dead at the hospital. he had been rehearsing for a comeback tour. concert promotor a.e.g. sold rights of final footage to sony, reportedly for $60 million. one contract deal, no film version ahead of time. plans for a show in britain have been scrapped. the show would have coincided with jackson's 53rd birthday. >> a hearing on jackson's estate was set for august 3.
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>> a judge denied a request for a family allowance for the benefit of the children. >> coming up, a look at our top stories. >> and if you are planning the perfect summer get-away, we have an i-team investigation you don't want to miss. >> first baltimore shines. a wrap-up of the world football challenge next.
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>> welcome back to "11 news saturday morning". first a look outside. you say it will feel like july today? >> it is. it is going to be a july-like saturday. most people like the weather we've been getting. now today it will feel july-like. because of that humidity, it is probably going to feel a little stickier than otherwise it would normally feel if we had a regular july. a quick look out toward ohio, thunderstorms. that will be here tornl and providing us a wet sunday. in the meantime, clear skies for microsoft most of us.
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the satellite picture showing mainly clear skies. that will start to burn off in the next few hours. we always run the risk of seeing a pop-up shower in the late afternoon and evening. 86 to 93 degrees. if you have anything to do outside this weekend, you got to get it done today. mow the lawn. work done. a stormy pattern shaping up. >> we'll be calling you about that yard work. >> here's a look at our top stories. four people dead after a helicopter crash on interstate 70 in washington county. it happened 10:30 thursday night. maryland state police have identified those on board as 24-year-old jeffrey nordaas,
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43-year-old george -- 39-year-old george tutor, 43-year-old niall booth of new market, and 48-year-old kim felix of new market. >> sam moxley, council member, was taken into police custody after being involved in a four-car accident. authorities say he failed a field sobriety december and refused to take a breathalyzer. >> two of the best teams in soccer squared off right here in baltimore. a.c. milan scared off against chelsea. pete gilbert has the world football challenge. >> more than 71,000 tickets sold
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as fans piled in to see world class soccer probably for the first time in their lifetimes. >> never did i think i would see the m&t bank stadium this crowded for a soccer game. [applause] >> it is a great spord. a world sport. >> a rivalry! >> of course, some remain confused -- football vs. futbl. but most on board, including the ravens offensive tackle, is acustomed to the cheers at m&t bank stadium. tonight he's ready to dole them out. >> it is great to watch world class teams run around. they are making plays, too. >> the pomp and circumstance played out. absolutely electric.
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will experience live up to the hype? >> i can't say anything -- too much about this game. it is phenomenal. >> chelsea did win 2-1. gerry sandusky will have highlights later in sports. >> do you want a little more from your workout? >> sure. >> if so, we'll have "11 news fitness" coming up. >> what the i-team uncovered next. >> patchy fog early this morning, but we have starting off a great saturday. details on the way after the
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>> patchy fog. overall ale nice start to our saturday. it is going to be a gorgeous
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july-like day outside. if you like the heat and humidity, this will be the bill for you. 69 degrees downtown in the harbor. humidity is at 93%. combine humidity with calm winds, and we'll see patchy fog, which we are seeing in a few locations. you can see the picture outside downtown is a nice start to the day. overall on the radar picture, you get an idea of this one storm system currently pushing its way through western ohio. we don't have to worry about that for today. that will become our problem for tomorrow, so if you have anything to do outside -- yardwork or anything, mow the law, you will not have the opportunity tomorrow with all the rain we are anticipating. over on the other machine right now, you can see just a few high clouds trying to move into maryland for the north. the heavy cloud cover, we are expecting a sunny sky for today. a few clouds will start to move
6:39 am
in during the day today. 70 in annapolis. 70 in easton. 70 in ocean city starting off what will be a pleasant beach day. we have our bermuda high now just off the coast. that is pumping in plenty of humidity into our back yard. it will feel july-like today, but unfortunately our heat and hude midity will be more storms as this extraordinarily aslow-moving cold front continues to inch its way throughout the day tomorrow. we are indicating the potential for severe thunderstorms. a few lingering rain showers into our day on monday. you can see that line try to approach here 10:00 saturday night. there is that line of cloud corve. that's when the cold corve will start to move in. you can see, 6:00 p.m. sunday. it is still making its way
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through portions of maryland. so that slow-moving front will be a problem for tomorrow, but not today. today just a few clouds. a pop-up shower or thunderstorm possible late in the evening. increasing clouds as the storm inches through. out in the bay, the winds out to the south. small craft advisory. winds one to two feet. 86 dree degrees in ocean city, but rip currents high. so you have to swim near lifeguards, use the in-- u.v. index is at eight, which means s.p.f. of 30 or higher is a must. it will be sticky outside, but a potential for a pop-up thunderstorm late in the afternoon. temperatures in the upper 80's. after that, we get into a stormy pattern again. looks worse in the seven-day than it really is. we aren't looking for wash-outs on any of these. monday through friday, not so
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much a wash-out but each day a potential for summer-like pop-up showers and thunderstorms late in the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 80's with high humidity. >> the 11 news i-team exposes a confusing contract clause that could leave you out in the cold. >> a contract clause left a maryland woman thinking she was covered until her claim was rejected. i-team reporter barry simms investigates. >> this is as close to hawaii as paula speck could get. her back yard. she paid close to $5,000 online for airline tickets and then paid $200 for travel insurance. then her father became seriously ill. >> three days before we were supposed to go on the trip, i was told he had gone into renal failure and had two to three days to live. we would never have gone on the
6:42 am
trip. >> she canceled thinking the tickets were covered by the travel insurance. she filed a claim, but the company claimed speck did not have the right kind of coverage. >> access america said because my father had renal disease before the trip, this was not covered. >> this is one of the number one reasons for travel policies not being honored on behalf of consumers. >> angie barn barn et says many consumers are confused by the preexisting clause. >> i am so confused. i don't understand what i did wrong. >> speck believes her policy included coverage if a family member became ill or injured or was in a life-threatening situation. her circumstances seemed to be just that. >> most policies exclude preexisting conditions. >> they say you have to know not only what the contract includes but what it doesn't.
6:43 am
>> this particular policy, what you are looking at, they allude to a policy that includes preexisting conditions, but that's extra coverage, and you have to read down the fine print. it is at the bottom of the contract. you have to be so diligent in absorbing that information. >> the company told her she could have purchased extra coverage for preexisting conditions. she said she read all the information and found nothing requiring her to buy additional insurance. >> it is uncon shunnable, i think, that people should purchase this insurance, and then be told they are not covered. >> a spokes bs man for access america says his company believes the monthly is straight forward and clearly spells out the terms and conditions. ms. speck purchased trip protector which does not provide coverage for an existing condition. ms. speck's father had been ill for some time.
6:44 am
speck is still hoping to get a refund. she's trying to work something out directly with the airlines. for the 11 news i-team, i'm barry simms. >> claims about travel insurance can be sent to the better business bureau. go to our web site and click on i-team. >> candice glasso is here to whip us into shape coming up. >> and gerry sandusky is here with sports. >> but first, a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. living with foot pain?
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get gold bond pain relieving foot cream. maximum strength medicine stops pain fast. gold bond pain relieving foot cream. finally fast relief for painful feet.
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>> welcome back, it is time for "11 fitness." we're talking about multitasking workouts. probably good for moms who likes to multitasking. >> when you do your workouts, you can multitask. there are a lot of things going
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on in each movement, but you are hitting a lot of muscles. if you do these three movements, start in a progression, go through it three times each, and you will get a lot tun done. >> and you can get it done in an hour and 10 minds. >> so the first movement, i'm going to come down to the floor, and this can be modified by doing it underneath. >> but this is going to hit my chest, because it has a push-up, my back, my shoulders, my triceps, and i'm going to take this up from my core. you pump it underneath. you bring it back up, and then you go back down for the push-up again. you do it on both sides. just straight up. don't pull your shoulder too far back. underneath, back up, and then the push-up. you do that on both sides. you probably get four or six of
6:49 am
those on each side, is all you need. make sure your legs have a nice length so your knees are safe. you come down. as you come up, your weights come back to a bicep cumplet you are going to stay there, do a press, finish the bicep curl, and do a lunch. >> and you are just doing whatever you are comfortable with? >> yes, and something you can do 16 repetitions left. that's legs, that's shoulders, that's biceps. >> you don't even need a bench. the last thing, lay on the floor. you are probably going to need two or three selts of weights is all. bend with the elbow. push up, and twist. >> that is the best tricep twist. >> for the back side of the arm. then while you are here, switch the weight, flip your body over to on your knee, and go right
6:50 am
into your back. >> that's it. >> ok. start over, and you go through it three times. you go through one joint motion at a time, you get your heart rate up. go to it. >> thank you for coming in. >> and if you want to get in touch with candace, 410-960-0403. and stay with us. >> the outcome hangs on one pitch. see for your sefment -- welcome back to cooking with delilah.
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>> this start for the second half of the season for the orioles starting to look like agony. the birds lose 3-1. brad on the mound. another strong start for the rookie who has done a great job for the birds this year.
6:54 am
the score. it is all tied at 1. sixth inning. singles to right. markaikis out at the plate. took that score into the top of the ninth. two outs. melvin mora at the plate. a walk is a walk, a strike is the plane. the o's go down to the ninth losing 3-1 to the red sox. >> let's talk football. drew bennett has been added to the ravens roft roster. signing a one-year contract with the team yesterday. bennett only caught one ball with the rams last year because of an injured foot. he is fully recovered, and he
6:55 am
thinks perhaps he can become a possession receiver and give joe flacco a big target. 6'5," and in the mix, drew bennett gets set for training camp. tour de france begins the final segment of the weekend. he would love to win the 20th leg of the tour de france, the highest leg left in the tour. armstrong has never won this stage, even in tours he has won. his competitor has a four-minute advantage. hope your weekend is off to a fantastic start.
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>> we have details in entertainment coming up. >> the latest in opposite attract, "the ugly truth." looking for that perfect guy, which seems to be anyone. "the ugly truth" rated r. >> $50,000 watch. >> "mission impossible" crossed with alvin and the chipmunks and you have some idea of "g force." you can catch it in 3-d in many
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theaters. it is rated pg. >> something is happening to cause us to feel this way. >> the tag line is, "there's something wrong withester" and everyone is about to learn why. isabel fuhrman plays ester who was adopted after a family recently losing their child. that's "event news." >> weather, hot, humid. >> and if you have anything to do outside, you need to get it done today, because unfortunately tomorrow will be our soggy day of the weekend. plenty of heat and humidity, especially for this july we've seen this year, and tomorrow 89 degrees. it will still be humid with that cold front making its way through.
6:58 am
we are looking for scattered rain showers to make their way through throughout much of the day tomorrow. monday through fry, we're getting that summer-like pattern where it is nice during the day. >> a lot of pressure on people >> a lot of pressure on people who are waking their husbands up announcer: during the autobahn for all event, you can get great lease deals. i love it! i just want to know it's the right move. me? thirteen days in the future. you get a deal on the car you always wanted.
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scheduled maintenance is included, it's all good. what's the future like? you love your new jetta. and the suit? you like it? no...i love it!


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